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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Does De Lauro eat organic?

Per an April 1st letter put out by De Lauro denying her bills would injure Organic Farming- for which I have tried to post here but due to formatting issues cannot; but will be glad to forward to you if you leave me your email, it would seem the certification agencies as CCOF, and OTA are thinking 'no biggy.' However, I would sincerely like to know if Ms. De Lauro eats organic food and how else she can demonstrate she has supported organic food and farming in the past. It's only an intellectual and honest curiosity.

I am also questioning the other bills Organic Sacramento's action letter as well as the good points made in the Cornucopia call to action letter. We must not lay docile. Too much is at stake. This is not just our food, but our health and our sovereignty.

We have seen laws pass for which make companies like Monsanto bigger and bigger and bigger and now if you have not read the call to action by Food Democracy posted this blog- Taylor and Olmstead from Monsanto may be given places in the Whitehouse and almost no urgency to action is being had to stop this.

First Lady Michelle Obama hires an organic chef for their own family and has planted the vegetable garden at the Whitehouse because simply, "food from the garden tastes better."

Yet, we know the issue is deeper and hopefully The First Lady understands what most people cannot, as thinking beyond their plates does not see the entire issue: prosperity over poverty, bliss in a well funded class of customers over slavery, the vital importance of biodiversity over destructive mono culture and the loss of the soil...the things Willy Nelson says in another post I will make soon.