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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dr. Andrew Bosworth

Notes Per Thom Hartmann March 26, 2009 Broadcast/ Interview

Dr. Andrew Bosworth called in from Japan for this interview with Thom Hartmann today

His web site is at Also the name of his book.

FOOD CONTROL being reclassified downward

An overstatement to say that all organic food will be outlawed, however…..
1. Requires food producers to pre-register even if the food remains in the state fair or local farmer’s market. 24 hour emergency contact on file. Registering everybody who produces food.

2. The unhealthy food is coming from China and other countries . The newly created Food Safety Administration (FSA) will outsource the inspections like how the Department of Defense outsources to Black Water. Monsanto will be able to shape the sampling and testing and inspecting.

3. One million dollar fine. Section 401 FSA may use the funds to carry out further confiscations and so in fact, will feed off and remain in existence based on how many fines it can charge.

4. We have a growing population of immune deficient as consumers –is an argument being made in the bills. Well this is because of big slaughter houses and processed foods. This bill moves us in the opposite of where we need to go with the food supply. Pushing the national animal identification system
Apr 26 International Seed Day.

If you grow things in your own back yard and you give to your neighbor- is this illegal?

No- only if you commercialize the food by selling to a coop, which is the healthiest food you can eat.

The attention of food safety needs to be most directed at the largest slaughter houses, particularly those feeding meat to the cows.