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Friday, May 29, 2009

Dr. Otto Nobel Peace Prize Anti Inflammatory Diet to Alkalize the Body

Per Nobel Prize Winner (1931) Otto Warburg

Warburg’s work stimulated interest in the possibility that there was some kind of link between pH and cancer. And now, a new study by Rui Zhao, Denis Alexander, and colleagues shows why manipulating the intracellular pH of tumor cells may indeed turn out to be a promising anticancer strategy (Gross, 2007).

A fairly generic diet proposed for those with disease is an anti inflammatory diet meaning getting rid of meat, eggs, coffee and all processed foods produced conventionally with pesitcides and herbicides. An anti inflammatory drink I enjoy daily is Dandy Blend. It is chocked full of minerals and vitamins, including trace minerals. It is made of dandelions and is delicious.

You can order it on line or over the telephone. Our health food store sells it here in Sacramento.

Here is the link:

The name of the game of much diet cleaning is to alkalize the body with green drinks from the health food store as wheat grass juices, barleys etc.

Here is the link to Dr Hagiwara's


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