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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Enough of the Pet Soup China Brutal Beatings

Please help us boycott anything from China - enough of the slaughter of people's pets. IT is bad enough they use pets for soups by dropping them into hot boiling water one at a time from cages over the stoves let alone beat them so outrightly to death.

Note- I have not verified this post from Facebook other than looking at the link the post connects us to which is below here, but I know China has done this before to the horror of its own citizens. I know the government of China is highly perturbed when we boycott their goods. Time to support the citizens of China that love their pets and stop the Chinese government now.

Studies have shown per Veterinarian DVM Dr. Fudens and others that typically, only 1% of animals in the wild will have rabies and that the need for a yearly rabies shot may simply be just a way for American Veterinarians Association to get you in for yearly business. Meanwhile, the toxins from the rabies shots often impair the immune system. Usually the chance of rabies is only 1 percent at any given time even in nature. People. plesae stop rationalizing brutal beatings over such small probabilities.

Help us get the story out below

Help stop dog massacre!
In response to incidences of rabies, the authorities in Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province have started a massive cull amongst dogs with the objective of making the city a dog-free zone. Thousands of stray and owned dogs are being killed by literally beating them to death! Please raise your voice against this useless and cruel slaughter.