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Monday, August 17, 2009

Bonuses to Deny Cancel Claims

Caller to Stephanie Miller 8:10AM August 17, 2009 reports Blue Cross Blue Shield pays bonuses to staff based on how many claims they could deny in a week.

Another caller 8:50 AM was an insurance broker called in from Milwaukee, WIS. He said that a major insurer gladly paid for a 1200 dollar an evening hotel room for him and a wonderful trip to Cancun for selling their insurance policies. They also paid for him to watch Milwaukee Base Ball Games with tickets right behind home plate, all the while his own body was becoming ill with diabetes. Well...when it was time for his own insurance policy with them to pay out for help with his own doctor. Guess what? Post Claim Underwriting, a legal term for 'we no longer insure you.'

Fortunately for this agent, he has other sources of income and walked away from the matter hoping we pass health care reform now.

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