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Monday, August 17, 2009

What I learned at Camp O

Saturday August 15, at Camp 'O' I expressed concern that Organizing for America, for which is now the name of Obama's grassroots organization, that we should put a visual Power Point together at a 5th grade level story book to help the rest of America understand what is going on. Not to insult anyone, however, this is what the average American reads at.

We Are Going to get Health Care Reform this year

1.) The response I received was a psssst and a 'we are going to get health care reform' this year. I asked...well what percentage of Americans are like those we are seeing on tv at the town hall meetings. The same fellow and now more of his colleagues looked at me ....'the percentage is almost negligable'....

I said, so it will be like the protest against Sonya Sotomeyer...when the same sort called her a racist and then at the end, were just made to feel like fools - and watched her be sworn in anyway?


Just take over the definition of 'Co-operative'

2.) Another insider I heard speak but not at this event hinted that we were going to get health care reform, its just that we might change what it is called and we will get in no matter what, its just that we might take over the meaning of say the word...'Co-op.'

The deal has already been made

3.) We know that now the drug companies are on 'our side' because the deal has been made, just like Obama's presidency with Wall St in that Wall St backed the President...and so now the drug company.....

That deal of course, the drug companies will run 150 million dollars worth of advertizing to support the President's plan.

Barack had no choice but to deal with the Drug Companies who will agree to invest 150 million dollars into promoting health care reform: Even Thom Hartmann, critical but 100% supporting Barack says Barack has no other real choice: