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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sacramento Tea Bagger Mark Williams on Anderson Cooper: Refers to President as Racist in Chief

And read this gem Quote: ...the Civil Rights Movement was about confiscating the fruits of the labor of the working people for "redistribution" among the parasitical class."

Per Stephanie Miller Show Twitter page - today, there was this link of Sacramento's Mark Williams on Anderson Cooper calling the President an Indonesian Muslim Turned Welfare Thug. Mark Williams is a teabagger, talk show host, and is a contributor to The Sacramento Union- obviously a steeped in deep Right Wing Partisan Publication.

Here is a copy of the Tweet. Do follow the link to see the interview on CNN with Anderson Cooper:

radioguychris RT @ericgrant #TeaParty Leader Melts Down On CNN: Obama Is An "Indonesian Muslim Turned Welfare Thug" #tcot #p2 as featured on today's Huffington Post.

My first encounter with Mark Williams was just after having a wonderful accupuncture treatment downtown Folsom (yes, that town from which contained the prison Johnny Cash was in) to wander across the street looking for a newspaper to read. The paper was The Sacramento Union. If you try to go to the site at least today, you will see the site has been suspended. If it were not, I could get you the link to the very words I will quote of his from the paper I have retained a copy of, because I could not believe how racist this person is, and it seemed of something of importance to leave to a museum.

The date of the issue of the Sacramento Union is October 31, 2008. page 11.
The name of the article was Obama: The Missing Marx Brother? by Mark Williams Sacramento Union Columnist

Quote: ...the Civil Rights Movement was about confiscating the fruits of the labor of the working people for "redistribution" among the parasitical class."

Here are the antecedent sentences to the above:

Imagine my surprise when I heard the audio of a 2001 interview with Barack Obama on a Chicago public radio (translation: your tax dollars at work) station. Until that moment. I had never realized that the Civil Rights Movement was about confiscating the fruits of the labor of the working people for "redistribution" among the parasistical class.

This issue of the newspaper I saved, because as a new resident to Sacramento, I could not believe what I was reading......also contains articles such as 'Obama The Socialist' page 12 PRO PROP 8 advertising, a voter guide, and an ironic endorsement of our now Mayor, Kevin Johnson, who is black. page 4. Pictures of Sarah Palin with much support-

Last I heard Mark has a radio show and a web site here

Most recently, I was pleased to see the cafe in my own neighborhood for which a news stand that used to carry The Sacramento Union owned by an Asian, has been removed- without me uttering a word. Who knows what other groups this publication or Mark Williams has written offending what other groups of civilized human beings. I think I will make it a point the next time I visit the cafe to learn the reason for why the stand was taken away.

Oh- that wonderful accupuncture treatment I was enjoying so much before I accidentally picked up the October 31st, 2008 issue of The Sacramento Union? It was from a Doctor versed in both Eastern and Western medicine and happened to be.... Black.

Update: Be sure to hear the Thom Hartmann podcast February 24, 2010. Thom confronts Williams rascism. You can get the podcast at the White Rose Society (name of group is the group of students that tried to stop the uprising of Hitler in Nazi Germany). See more info on other ways to get podcasts and listen daily at and or