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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ISSUES with Messaging Health Care Insurance Reform

Mr President,

As there are at least 9 individual issues under the umbrella of Health Care/ Insurance Reform, The Food Fascist challenges the Whitehouse to roll out the AL GORE Super Power Point to understand how INCONVENIENT sick people are to the Health Care Insurance Industry.

Every year one million Americans
claim bankruptcy due to a major medical issue
Senator Bernie Sanders,
Thom Hartmann Show 8. 2009 Hal Sparks on Stephanie Miller Show 2nd week of September has said every 30 seconds an American claims bankruptcy due to a health care matter.

Once your cap is used say in a major medical
you are virtually uninsurable afterwards.
Representative Slaughter, Ron Reagan
Show 9/1. 2009 Hear it at

You pay your premiums faithfully but
when you have a major medical matter,
the company drops you from your policy.
Ex insuance broker, Stephanie Miller Show
8/17. 2009

You pay your premiums faithfully, something major happens. Your claim was denied.
A bonus was paid to the employee for denying
your claim. Health care industry insider caller to Stephanie Miller Show8/17. 2009
Also, google 'Wendell Potter Fat Cat' per Anderson Cooper interview of ex Cigna Health Care Insurance Executive Communications Director or click here Now Potter is Senior Fellow here

Also: LA TIMES HMOs Deny 1 in 5 claims, analysis shows:,0,1423324.story

Then, if ill, this becomes a lapse in coverage
and a possible pre existing condition. See Real Scary health care stories

There are disabled persons and others
for whom will never be insurable.
How could this happen in America?

WORKMANS COMP/ MALPRACTICE CASES could be virtually be eliminated. THE USA is the only developed country in the world who does not have some sort of single payer plan. See this documentary right on your computer now at

The average business can spend as much
as 20% of their costs on health insurance making
them unable to compete with companies from
other countries that do have nationalized coverage.
USA 18-22% GDP is health care while other

The average insured can pay as much as 1000 dollars per year more to compensate for those who are uninsured and relegated to using the emergency room as a source of primary care for which a tooth abscess can become a 250,000 surgery, a true story by the way.

- WASHINGTON - In a speech today on the Senate Floor, Sen. Benjamin L. Cardin (D-MD) expressed his condolences and personal outrage about the death of Deamonte Driver, a 12-year-old boy from Prince George's County who died last week from a brain infection brought on by a tooth abscess. The Senator described Deamonte's death a national tragedy and called on Congress to make sure that dental coverage for children in included in this year's State Children's Health Insurance Program (S-CHIP) reauthorization bill.