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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Senator Teddy Kennedy Acclaimed Health Care Insurance Reform Vigil

THX to @HalSparks (twitter) on the Stephanie Miller Show, a caller alerted us to's Nationwide Candlelight Vigils to honor Senator Ted Kennedy and how we aim to carry forth the Sentor's life long passion to ensure every American has access to health care.

In less than 48 hours well over 100 absolute angels ascended onto 16th & Broadway each with a glowing candle featuring signs, stories, and speaker's segments of the Senator Ed Kennedy as well as the singing of Irish Eyes (Special thx to the gal- what was her name? that led us in that song and kept us on pitch!)

Also extreme thx to orator, Gary Fitzgerald, Attorney and talk show host of The Sherman Audieaux Show Public Affairs Programming on KYDS radio station 91.5 FM programmed in at 3pm on Saturdaythough can begin before or after 10 minutes the 3 o'clock hour. The genre of this show is Alternative radio, Counterspin, ( headlines from Democracy Now!.org who feels the 'radical' are in fact, the mainstream. Support this brave leader who became a powerful Master of Ceremonies. He also makes his presence known on an Access Sacramento Alternative Radio Show 2- 4 pm Wednesdays Comcast Cable [switch on Channel 17, second audio program.]

James Taylor,Channel 13 Sacramento came by to film and speak with us. Does the other side really want to with hold you from seeing a Doctor? Preposterous! James asks this excellent question of The Food Fascist, "What will it take to get the other side to come over -" to which I responded what I learned from mentor Thom Hartmann as I once poised this same question to him - "Just wait until it happens to them - and I don't want it to happen to them....but just wait until it happens to them." Note- the news media editors did not allow this onto televsion.

Channel 58 also covered the event and captured a rallier that the military budget could be cut in order to fund health care. We are still spending one billion a month that could fund a nationalized health care.

Thankfully, as more and more citizens learn the other side wants to take away your medicare, your social security, and all 'socialized' safety nets we will stand in sovereignty.

Much thx also to Jeanie Keltner to highlight another Sacramento Heavenly Angel amongst all the Angel Activists in this great city, capital of Beautiful State of CaliforniA. Lettuce [spelling made Food Fascist Fashion intended!] in turn , highlight and support her good works:

SOAPBOX! Access Sacramento Cable Channel 17, every Monday at 8pm. Call in comments on 2nd and 4th Mondays. Repeats Tuesday at noon, Wednesdays at 4am.

MEDIA EDGE Sacramento's own magazine format show, covering local progressive events and speakers, as well as internationally known commentators, with clips from some of the best independent political videos being made now. Where to watch: Access Sacramento

Senator Ed Kennedy was there in spirit and acclaimed as he would have it.