The Societal Ramifications & Consequences of the Making and Taking of Food

This site dedicated to the matters of food above and beyond the mere satiation of flavors on one's palette; but rather the ramifications to society from the consequences of how its' production, distribution, and nutrition affect living systems. How we sow, reap, harvest, legislate and base our economic systems on food is key to how we ultimately treat each other and the Earth.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The President Mentions Agronomy Economy in Speech RE Afghanistan

December 1, 2009 / Speech to send 30, 000 more troops

If the President simultaneously builds a woman friendly. clean renewable energy and small organic farm agronomy economy infrastructure while keeping Al qaeda's hands off the nuclear power- he could be proclaimed a hero just in time for his 2nd term election. He should fund significantly and and follow Rick Mortenson's 3 Cups of Tea should be receiving reports re sincere and real infrastructure improvements and women's liberation.