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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Republican Party Messenger Affirms Change in Position on Global Warming at Venue with former San Franciscan Mayor Willie Brown for Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson

Frank Luntz, message orignator for the Republican Party announced he was changing his position on global warming today. This was originally released in The Daily Beast in an interview to reporter Michael Smerconish. Mr. Smerconish asked Luntz whether believed in the concept of man-made global warming.

Photo Credit P Brady

To this, Frank replied, "It doesn't matter whether it exists or not," he
answered, adding, a moment later: "What my position is on that issue and what anyone's position is actually doesn't matter when it comes to legislation. "Hy not? Because "gettiing hung up" on the questions regarding the underlying science, Luntz expounded, wasn't as productive for climate legislation supporters as focusing on "the economic benefits, the health benefits, the national security benefits, in addition to the environmental benefits."

@thedailybeast Frank Luntz says the science of global warming is irrelevant and as views are changing, he will change his message

Mr. Luntz actually appeared in Sacramento, CA today at the Crest Theatre to debate the infamous San Franciscan Mayor Willy Brown. Both came to support Mayor Kevin Johnson's Strong Mayor Initiative. Mr. Nelson says he was able to accomplish much of what San Francisco is known for because of such power. The video of the debate should be up on you tube in a few days.

Frank Lutz to debate Willie Brown in Sac today at Crest at 1PM
Fund raisers to attend the event between $100- $5000
You can see the write up about the event in the Sacramento Bee here has posted on their site an AP article about how Republicans are seeking to overturn Global Warming Solutions Act AB32. See this here:
Sac Press writes