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Saturday, February 6, 2010

VICTORY! U.S.D.A. Plans to Drop Program to Trace Livestock

VICTORY! U.S.D.A. Plans to Drop Program to Trace Livestock

• By William Neuman

The New York Times, Feb 5, 2010

Straight to the Source

Faced with stiff resistance from ranchers and farmers, the Obama administration has decided to scrap a national program intended to help authorities quickly identify and track livestock in the event of an animal disease outbreak.

In abandoning the program, called the National Animal Identification System, officials said they would start over in trying to devise a livestock tracing program that could win widespread support from the industry.

If only Shelby would release the rest of Obama's candidates...we might see more stuff like this. Thom Hartmann's Prophets Way p 179- said Jesus on the Mount warned about the Pharisee mentality of organizing and legalizing and defining every little thing, planning out every action, and constantly measuring each other.

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