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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dr. Tierra's Garlic Syrup to stave off the flu and colds

Having a rough time with the ensuing season. Feeling something coming on? This Garlic Syrup sat in my kitchen without refrigeration for a total of  3 years until I finally used it all. No bacteria, nothing grew in it or spoiled it in anyway.

Place one pound of peeled, minced Garlic is a wide-mouthed 2 quart jar. Almost fill the jar with equal parts apple cider vinegar and distilled water. Cover and let stand in a warm place for four days, shaking a few times each day. Add one cup of glycerin and let is stand another day.  Strain and filter the mixture with pressure through a muslin or linen cloth. Add one cup of Honey and stir until thoroughly mixed. Store in a cool place.

This is excellent for coughs, colds, sore throats, bronchial congestion, high or low blood pressure, heart weakness and nervous disorders.

Dosage: one tablespoon, three times daily, before meals.

East West Herb Course p. 11-5 Michael Tierra with Lesley Tierra  1999, Santa Cruz, CA